Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hey all.  Why is ASimWen doing a Black Widow now?  Actually, this challenge was started back in 2005.  I have always bragged that I finish any challenge I start.  Hum.  Well, I did finish this one all those years ago.  However, due to many C drive malfunctions, and lack of saving this challenge neighborhood, I lost the neighborhood at the last point in time I backed it up.  Which was three husbands into the challenge.    I remember back then trying to upload my finished product to the TS2 website in the stories section, but it was too long.  So I kept in on my computer. And there it lay.  Didn't think to blog it back then.  Then lost it to a C drive reformat.  I also lost my Asylum challenge lot, and my ISBI challenge lot.  (blogged here).

So, I decided to take a look at it in 2010. three husbands into it?  Can I finish this?  Sure.  I remember when I did it the first time around it seemed really hard.  First of all, let me comment on the challenge itself.  There are many versions of the Black Widow challenge for The Sims 2 floating around out there in cyberspace.  This version was supposed to be a goth-type home.  The leading lady was supposed to be a beautiful goth woman...and all her children were supposed to be goth as well.  She was supposed to take her picture in the photo booth with each husband before he died, and with each child before they left for Uni with all their skills maxed. And...the player was supposed to finish this in 90 days real time.  The 'death method' for each husband was drawn from a cards.  Strangely, I still had the original cards I made back then in my desk drawer.  I pulled them out and decided to use them. 

Back in 2005, it would have been hard to send a child off to Uni with maxed skills.  That is what I found to be so fun about the challenge.  But now it is easy.  It is also much easier to kill off the Sims now than it was back in 2005.  I am going to leave the original narrative I wrote back in 2005........and then at the appropriate point I will mention that it is now 2010...and you will see a difference.  So as you begin reading the first entry, keep in mind, the first portion was written 5 years ago.  You will see the difference as you begin reading the challenge.  Some of the husbands have changed than from the first time I played the challenge.  For instance, this time around Monyette used the Matchmaker to get one of her husbands, and she drew a YA.  Turns out he had a three bolt attraction to her.  A husband in the making as I write this entry is from one of the EP's that wasn't out in 2005. 

At the point where the challenge becomes current, Monyette's appearance changes, because I no longer had her CC hair in my inventory.  Luckily, I received some CC from a good friend who had the same dress for Monyette that I had used.  (Thanks Lynn!)  I did have to change her wedding dress as well.

And finally, you will recognize the moniker I use for myself all over the web is none other than Monyette Widow as a vampire.  The first time around she became a vampire when she invited her friend the Countess over to bite one of her husbands so I could get the 'sunburn' death.  The Countess benevolently took it upon herself to bite Monyette too. That was fun.  I kept her a vamp for a while..she was the first vamp I ever played.  

So anyway...enjoy my Black Widow Challenge.  Have fun all...and keep Simming!