Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Fifth Husband - Cleave Smith

With Remington's demise, it was time for another husband.  Jake was  a toddler already, and the baby oven was empty!  Meet Cleave...errr...Smith?  I didn't write down his last name.  Monyette has managed to snag a second Mr. Big.

The marriage went well.  Monyette wasn't showing a fear of marriage, but she was not a happy camper about the whole thing.  To make up for that, she managed to get everything out of Cleave's inventory.  A Dance--o-sphere....a second kareoke machine..and....TWO pianos. 

Cleave impregnated Moneytte right away, then decided in celebration to play a tune on the piano.  Oh Cleave...oh Cleave...couldn't you have placed the piano away from the fireplace????  (The first time around I remember he had the 'death by disease' card.  This time he drew 'fire'.)

Uh-huh.  Goodbye, Cleave.

Short but sweet...that is it for husband number 5.  Who is in the bullseye as husband number 6?  This guy has become the favorite of Simmers everywhere.....

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Bubbs said...

Death by piano fire!!! By Cleave...